Somedays it seemed her work would never end. For Cindy Rella, orphaned since the death of her dear father, life had become a laborious, harsh existence. She had not liked her father’s second wife much when they were married, but now Cindy had no choice but to put up with her. She had no other family now. Her wicked stepmother and the woman’s two spoiled daughters were completely in charge of Cindy’s life. And they took great glee in making sure she was miserable and tired every hour of every day.
On this day, with the sun shining and the birds singing just outside the window, Cindy almost didn’t care about the yelling and crashing about that took place elsewhere in the house. On a glorious day like this, she could imagine herself free of the bonds of her world. She could dream, and no one was there to stomp on her hope.
And dream she did.
On her hands and knees in the sooty hearth, her fingers raw from scrubbing the rough bricks of the fireplace, Cindy dreamed of living in a far-off land filled with sunshine and happy people. She dreamed of being anywhere but here.